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Norwich des Rêves believes it is important to show our dogs because that is the best way to insure that we are producing high quality puppies.  In the breed ring of a dog show, a dog is evaluated on how it conforms to the breed standard.  Winning dogs must be physically correct and display outgoing, confident attitudes.  While not every dog needs to be show ring perfect, every breeding should start off with perfect conformation as the goal.  In addition to conforming to the breed standard, Norwich’s compete in other ways to test both the athletic ability of the dog and their attitude.  A working terrier must be physically fit and must also have the desire to cooperate with its handler and members of the pack.  It is very important to perpetuate these vital qualities in a breeding program.  Dogs with multiple titles are beautiful athletes who preserve their working heritage.  Dogs with "working attitude," whether they ever formally compete or not, are usually fun and easy dogs to live with.

Our Champion Norwichs
CH Lily Creek Miss Madeline


Dog agility is an AKC titling event in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Dogs generally run off-leash with no food or toys as incentives. The handler can touch neither dog nor obstacles, except accidentally. Consequently, the handler's controls are limited to voice, movement, and various body signals, requiring exceptional training of the animal.

In its simplest form, an agility course consists of a set of standard obstacles, laid out by an agility judge in a design of their own choosing on a roughly 100 by 100 foot (30 by 30 m) area, with numbers indicating the order in which the dog must complete the obstacles.

A formal test of a dog ’s attention to its handler in performing specific exercises on command.

Rally is an AKC titling event where the dog and handler team move continuously through a rally course of 10-20 signs with the dog at the handler's left side. At each numbered sign they perform the indicated exercise then move to the next sign. Unlimited communication is encouraged - the handler can talk to the dog and give multiple commands and signals. Scoring is less rigorous than traditional obedience.

Canine Good Citizen Test

This evaluation was developed by the AKC to promote more responsible dog ownership.  In order to qualify, a dog must pass each of the ten test categories.  The dog need only pass the test once to receive a Canine good Citizen Certificate.  Dogs which growl, snap bite, attacks or attempts to attack any person or another dog shall be dismissed from the test. We recommend that ALL owners of Norwich’s be evaluated for their CGC certificate.

Therapy Dogs

Norwich's are wonderfully suited to therapy work in hospitals and nursing homes.
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