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You ’ve decided that a Norwich is the dog for you.  What ’s your next move?  It ’s finding a puppy.  This purchase should receive thoughtful consideration.  This little bundle of energy will be a member of your family for a decade or more.  Choosing a reputable source for your puppy is your primary objective.  Because it ’s almost impossible for you, the buyer, to know how a puppy will mature physically and emotionally, you must rely entirely upon your faith in the person from whom you are purchasing your pup. There are three options open to you in choosing this person:

1. Pet Shop or Dealer
The Worst possible choice.  The pups may come from puppy mills and be poorly bred, with little
concern for health and temperament.  They are raised as merchandise to be sold for a high profit.  This high profit is possible because little has been put into the care of these pups.  Many may be sickly and are unlikely to have been well socialized.

Backyard Breeder 
Also a poor choice.  This is the person who owns a pet and thinks it would be "fun " to have puppies or
maybe that it would be a great experience for the kids.  Even worse, perhaps it ’s being done just to make money.  Frequently this breeder doesn't ’t know or care about breed standards, health concerns, or proper methods of raising dogs and puppies.  Their goal is to produce pups and then sell them quickly.

3. Hobby Breeder
The best choice. Serious and dedicated hobby breeders do not really expect to make a profit from
selling puppies.  They breed dogs for the enjoyment and pride that comes from producing high quality, happy, healthy puppies that become cherished family companions.  These breeders acknowledge responsibility for each and every puppy produced and stand behind every dog they breed.  Unequivocally, you should choose your puppy from a responsible hobby breeder.  You deserve a pet that is the result of careful planning, a puppy who was bred and carefully raised to be happy and healthy.  Only the established breeder, with a selective breeding program,  can offer you predictability and consistency of quality,  health and temperament.  And you won ’t pay more for this good quality.  Pet shops and backyard breeders often sell their poor quality puppies at prices that are equal to, or higher than those charged by hobby breeders.  How does one recognize the serious, dedicated hobby breeder?  The list below identifies many of the attributes and characteristics of the serious hobby breeder.  Don ’t be afraid to ask questions.  A dedicated and reputable breeder will respond positively and with pride 

A. Protect and safeguard a breed ’s original purpose and function.
B. Blend art and science in their never ending passion to produce the ideal dog.
C. Breed Top Ten dogs, specialty winners and dogs that garner records as top producers.
D. Allow their great dogs to be used by others in the breed.
E. Rise above times of insecurity and heart breaking set backs.
F. Set goals towards which they remain true and painfully objective.
G. Are role models of good sportsmanship.
H. Do their homework knowing that producing greatness is not a matter of random luck.

(According to P. Craige, 1997. Born to win: breed to succeed. Wilsonville, OR, Doral.)