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We are interested in obtaining a puppy from you.  Now what do we do?
First fill out the Potential Owner Form and then call or email us so that we can discuss your situation.  In order to find the right puppy for you, we will need to know about your family, lifestyle, living arrangements, reasons for wanting a puppy, and any preferences you might have about the puppy is gender or personality.  After our discussion, if we both believe a Petits des Reves puppy is right for you, we will discuss when litters might be available and what additional steps you need to take.

Prospective Puppy Buyers
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We've heard people mention "show homes " and "pet homes ".What do these distinctions mean?
While all of our dogs are placed in homes where they are members of a family, a "show quality " puppy is one that we have evaluated as potentially having qualities worth preserving through breeding once they are mature.  A "pet " puppy may have a slightly bad bite, a low-set tail or some other characteristic that we do not wish to continue in our breeding program.  But a "pet " puppy is still a healthy and happy dog who will make a fine companion.  The goal of our breeding program is to perpetuate and improve all the good qualities that make the PBGV a lovable companion and stable working dog.  Buyers who are willing to commit in writing to show and/or co-own a dog receive a preference for our breeding quality dogs.  A litter will normally have one or two breeding quality puppies, and an equal or much higher number of pet quality puppies, which we require be spayed or neutered when placed as a pet.

How do we select your puppy?
You will need to be able to trust our experience to guide you in the selection process.  Multiple factors must be evaluated in order to get the right puppies into the right homes.  The most important factor is temperament.  From our discussions we will know if a particular puppy ’s personality will match your needs.  Next, we evaluate the puppy ’s structure and quality to determine whether it should be placed in a show home or a non-breeding home.  Finally, after sorting through these considerations, we try, as best we can, to match your preferences to a specific puppy.  Regarding gender preferences: PBGV ’s have gender-specific personalities where the females are dominate and the males play along.  Males remain clowns during their entire lifetime while females take their job of being the boss very seriously.  For the average pet owner a neutered PBGV male makes the perfect family companion, as does a spayed female. While we observe all our puppies throughout their development, we do not complete the evaluation process until they are about seven weeks old when personality traits and physical characteristics are recognizable.  We cannot promise you a puppy from any litter until all our evaluations are complete.  But in the meantime, our job is to instill confidence in each puppy with lots of love and tender handling.  We also want you to know that we will always be available for help and guidance with your Petits des Reves dog.  We don ’t just place our puppies, we begin long and valued relationships with our puppy buyers.

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