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Eve X Mo
2 January 2008
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Lilth X Chance
23 September 2007
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Eve X Pomme
12 October 2006

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Lilth X Java
29 December 2005
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Lilth X Miles
6 December 2004
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lilth and miles Lilth X Miles
4 May 2004
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chase and nateChase x Nate
24 April 2001

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Soundness and temperament in a breeding program are the result of proven depth in pedigree.  The Petits des Rêves breeding program began with depth that continues in our first litter.  Our foundation bitch, CH. Foxmead ’s Chasseuse des Rêves comes from champions (English, Canadian, Danish and Swedish) and produces champions. This history of consistency is your guarantee that a Petits des Rêves bred dog is healthy, possesses the correct breed characteristics, is of sound temperament, and is a capable and willing hunter. "Nate " is a three time National Specialty winner. He is an all-breed best in show winner.  He won the Canadian National Specialty and is father to at least 13 champions.  But mostly, he is loved by his co-owners Mary Anne Brocious and Mary Beecher for his charming, smart and pleasant disposition.

Chien Blanc "Lilith" des Rêves was born on 24 April 2001